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Ped Egg Reviews

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  • Pedegg

    I purchased a pedegg approximately one month ago. I am extremely disappointed in the product and do you want to be useless . It does not work at all does nothing for my feet and I am very disappointed . I would never ever recommend this product to anyone and would like a refund , More...
    Liracheta2012's Picture   Liracheta2012    1 Comments   Comments
  • What Happened to the PED EGG????

    I LOVED the ped egg and have been using it for a couple of years....but the last couple of times I have bought the replacement blades...they have been dull...they DO NOT work at all! Big waste of money. I thought maybe it was just a bad batch of replacements so a few months later I gave them another try but they were dull also. So I thought I would just buy a brand new ped egg but another HUGE waste of money it was dull also. I hate this because the ped egg was such an awesome product. I have wasted about 30 dollars on ped egg over the last few months and there is no way to get my money... More...
    mirmacran's Picture   mirmacran    2 Comments   Comments
  • Illegal Charges to My Acct

    I purchased Ped Egg online, and found the checkout process to be tricky with no verification of your order before submission. Returning products has been a huge hassle, and they hold onto your money for as long as possible. My biggest gripe is that the company since my only purchase has charged my account not once but TWICE for some kind of kits (each 25.98) I did NOT order. Every time I have called them, they tell me they will submit my request to management, and then I wait. Nothing. I think they hope you will become exasperated, and give up so they can keep your money for product... More...
    kangus's Picture   kangus    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cheap product

    My sister ordered me the peg egg a few years and I loved how it took of the dead skin of the bottom of feet due to wearing a lot of the wrong sandals well I lost my peg egg and was happy to know you can purchase them at drug stores I went to Walmart and bought one and it was so dul it didn't scrap off anything just made my heels hurt definely not the same Peg egg horrible product More...
    Brittney2012's Picture   Brittney2012    1 Comments   Comments
  • I love!

    I dont know what everyone else is doing wrong... your heels should not be bleeding.. i bet your just sitting them SCOURING the skin off your feet. Thats not the correct way to use it. I think if people use the product the way its supposed to be and they will like it. Its helped my feet tremendously. I use it, then follow bye using a heel- healing moisturizer. More...
    halljess's Picture   halljess    0 Comments   Comments
  • A Ped Egg Disaster

    My mother purchased the Peg Egg about three years ago. After showing me her feet I was extremely impressed so she ordered me one as well. After using this product my feet was in so much pain I could hardly walk. When I slept I would have to sleep on my stomach so that my heel would not touch the bed. After a few days the pain started to subside, however the entire bottom and sides of my feet were turning hard and black. In order to get rid of that I found myself having to continue going through this agony every week just so I could wear my feet out and it look like normal. All this time my... More...
    Treva's Picture   Treva    7 Comments   Comments
  • PedEgg Replacement Blades

    I have been a fan and regular user of the Ped Egg for about a year. When I first bought the PedEgg I was thrilled. It worked fabulously on my feet. Even the first box of replacement blades that I purchased were great. It has gone down hill from there. I have bought several boxes of replacement blades and all but one of them were returned. The blades are dull, dull, dull. I'm so tired of returning the blades for a refund, that I've decided to find another product to use on the bottom of my feet. I believe that the PedEgg company has gone with cheaper materials, or... More...
    cheajordan's Picture   cheajordan    6 Comments   Comments
  • What Happened to Ped Egg!

    I've used the product ever since it came out--even before Consumer Reports gave it a thumbs up. However, my most recent purchase of replacement blades has made me re-think my prior approval. The blades (bought at Walgreen's) were all worn down and useless. Almost no skin was removed from my heels--and they're pretty well cracked from the winter. Are all new replacement blades so unsatisfactory? I paid $10 for my package, and would appreciate either a refund, or a set of three good blades. More...
    fmardio's Picture   fmardio    5 Comments   Comments
  • It works great!!

    Ok so my mom had a ped egg and I used it while on vacation and LOVED IT!! It works awesome!! So I went out and bought myself one just today, and put it together and I still love how it works!! My problem is I cannot get the blad cartridge off of the top to empty the skin out. It is stuck on, I have pried, pulled, asked my husband to help me, and still it is stuck on tight... Am I missing something??? More...
    eep2g's Picture   eep2g    0 Comments   Comments
  • replacement blades

    I agree with one of the review, I bought twice the replacement blades, only 1 out of 3 blades that comes in the package that works, 2 of them basically flat flat....I guess that's how the company makes money. I like the ped egg, it works very well, it just it bugs me now that I am being ripped off buying the replacement for 9.99 thru bed bad beyond, and only 1 blade that work. More...
    chocolab's Picture   chocolab    1 Comments   Comments
  • Stay Away From Ped Egg

    Originally had a little dry edge at around the very end of the heels due to wearing sandals in a dry climate. Lotion helped but decided to try Ped Egg. BIG mistake. Now have a much larger area on the heels that feels like sandpaper. The only way to get rid of it was to keep using the egg, so heels were either raw from scraping or calloused and rough. Vicious cycle. Threw the Egg away, and now trying to find something to get my feet back to how they were originally. Terrible product; stay away. More...
    CJS123's Picture   CJS123    5 Comments   Comments
  • Ped Egg NO NO

    I was excited to hear about ped egg because i have dry heels due to the beach in my back yard. So i use the thing and and the next thing i have painful bleeding heels. Its been four days now and my bf noticed that my heels are worse than they were when i didn't use it. He throws the ped egg away and i am stuck with cracked heels. I tried lotioning twice a day and nothing. I don't recommend it to any one. One Saved Heel.. More...
    lai916's Picture   lai916    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unhappy

    I purchased the ped egg over the telephone a few years ago. When I first bought it, I thought it was an excellent product and I used it all of the time. Then I started buying it from drug stores or any store that sold them. That is when I stopped liking the product. The problem was and still is that the blade on the ped egg that I purchased previously was much sharper and is made differently than the ones that the drug stores and other stores have. The blade on the peg egg I've been buying from different stores are very dull so I stopped buying it because I cannot find any ped egg... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    LadyThunder's Picture   LadyThunder    0 Comments   Comments

    I too thought this was the answer to my dry heels. Now I'm living a nightmare! I used it ONCE back in November of '08 and my heels were sore and red the next day and I've been running to doctors and dermatologists ever since! I am now scheduled for a biopsy next week to find out exactly what condition I have and how to treat it. I have thick patches of calloused skin with painful cracking and spliting. Psoriasis has been mentioned but not all the specialitsts agree.I tell everyone NOT to buy this product. I HATE IT! More...
    wifeyd's Picture   wifeyd    1 Comments   Comments
  • love it

    i bought the ped egg about 6-7 months ago and i absolutly love it my feet were in pretty bad shape after workin a year at a factory and having to wear rubber boots every day for 8-10 hours i find this product has helped tremendously! i think most the bad reviews it gets is from people wanting to much of a good thing to fast its a gradual process just like most any other product..and the ones with the "good" feet to begin with...if its not broke don't fix it... More...
    pebbles7577's Picture   pebbles7577    0 Comments   Comments
  • For Callouses!!!

    Ped Egg works great for me. You have to keep in mind that it is for the removal of callouses, not for everyday use!!! If your feet get red and irritated, it is because you didn't have callouses to begin with. I bought the product 3 days ago, and have used it twice. I have heavily calloused feet, and expect I will need one more treatment, but after that, the callouses will be removed, and I won't need it again until callouses reform. Read the product manual before you use, it explains ALL of this!! More...
    katatak's Picture   katatak    1 Comments   Comments
  • Stone heels

    I purchased ped egg b/c I always took very good care of my feet. I thought it would be an enhancement to my foot care regiment. I was delighted at first. My heels were as soft as the palm of my hands. The next day my heels were very sore. They remained this way for a couple weeks. Now I have horrible crusty heels. I hate that I ever bought this product. There should've been a warning! More...
    sadfeet75's Picture   sadfeet75    1 Comments   Comments
  • ped egg

    This product looked so easy on tv, so i thought i'd try it. i bought it from a local store, and i am bringing it back tomorrow. number 1 complaint was that the "egg" was difficult to open. once i did open it,added the file ,and reclosed it, it was even more difficult to reopen. i almost broke my newly manicured nails. after finally opening it again, (with much difficulty)i tried on my heel, it scratched my heel, and left little hanging flakes of skin. this product doesn't even come close to using my good foot file. don't waste your money! More...
    mtenuto's Picture   mtenuto    0 Comments   Comments
  • might want to reconsider selling this thing

    I was so amazed when I saw the ad on the ped egg and knew i just had to have one. I am not a complainer (nor the people that I knwo that have been using one as well) but I am now( and them too).It has ruined my(their) feet. My feet were not bad before this but I had to go the old fashioned way and this was going to be a time saver for me and at first, wow I was so pleased but over a period of time it has caused my feet to peel big time on the bottom and I hate the way my feet feel it is disgusting I have been working on them now for two weeks and still have not straightened out the mess... More...
  • ped egg

    i used the ped egg and it left both feet very red, sore and hard to walk on the very next day. now i get tingling in both feet during the course of day as if my feet are asleep. i have never had the problem b4 and i honestly believe the product needs to be taken off the market. I know it takes a lot of dead skin off the feet, but it can also cause a lot of damage to a person's feet. More...
    massPA's Picture   massPA    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ped Egg Woes

    When I first used the ped egg, I was amazed. It really worked. But after a day or two, i can hardly walk. my heals are red, raw, and cracked worse than they ever were. I am in alot of pain and not happy with this product at all. I have several friends who perchased it too, and they have the same problem. I will not reccommend this product to anyone!!! More...
    shellbe's Picture   shellbe    8 Comments   Comments
  • OUCH!

    I thought the ped egg was a genius simple concept. I used it and my feet are killing me. The dead skin was coming off like grated cheese. The package shows it rubbing a balloon without damaging it so I thought it wouldn't hurt my feet. Now the bottoms of my feet are raw and cracked. Not to mention you must keep the device shaving side down or the shaving will come out everywhere. More...
    SouthRn's Picture   SouthRn    1 Comments   Comments
  • Very unhappy hard heals

    I used the Ped Egg and I am very disappointed. It actually damaged my heals. My heals did not need a lot of work done on them. But now my heals are hard, and purple. It actually made my feet hurt. I have never had problems before with my heals until I used this product. I would not advise anyone to purchase it. More...
    chilcutt's Picture   chilcutt    0 Comments   Comments

Ped Egg Reviews By Product

Ped Egg Comments

Flower01 says: (3 years ago)
please provide me with an address to return the pedi egg . I cannot take it back to the store as I threw away the package not thinking I would be so dissatisfied with the product and need to return Thank you for your anticipated timely response

shayes says: (5 years ago)
I want to know is there a way to get your feet back to normal? They are sore and black with the hardness and my feet look very diry at the heels. What can I do to fix the horrible look it is so embarrassing. HELP ME PLEASE!!!. I thought this ped egg was the cure to saving money, imagine how I was so dissappointed.


jujubilees34 says: (8 years ago)
I echo a lot of the complaints. Used the product twice - did not overuse because I'd read not to. I applied some foot lotion directly after and wore soft socks. I'd also read the overuse of the this product could trigger your feet to heal themselves and cause even more callous build up. Well, low and behold...even though I was thrilled directly after using it, now two months later, the sides of my heals and under my big toes are visably thicker and harder. Not crusty or cracked, but I can tell there is a new layer of thick skin that has formed where I used this product. I will not be re-using in fear of causing even more damage. I'll continue using my pumace stone and foot lotion.

Kesha says: (8 years ago)
I have been using the ped egg for a couple of months not (maybe once a month). It started out good but I noticed my heels getting harder than normal. within the last month I developed a black mark on my heel. I used the ped egg thinking it would get rid of it but it doesn't so I came to the conclusion that the ped egg caused how do I get rid of it????

daisymay says: (8 years ago)
My husband wanted the pedegg for his rough heels. He used it and was happy at first and after a few days, his got drier. He used again to try and sluff off the dry skin and things only got worse. His feet are the driest, nastiest looking feet now and nothing helps. Lotions and oils don't phase the dryness and we have know idea how to help his feet. FTC needs to make this product illegal to sell any more.

CJS123 says: (8 years ago)
My heels weren't that bad before; just a little rough at the very outer edges [dry climate, wearing sandals]. After using Ped Egg, a larger area on the heels is now like sandpaper. The only way to alleviate it was to keep using the Ped Egg--a vicious cycle where the heels are either rough, or raw from the Ped Egg "grater". Threw the Egg away; I am trying to find something else to get my feet back to how they were before. Definitely would advise staying away from this product.

quennies1 says: (8 years ago)
Hello - first of all I want to tell you that your Ped Egg is wonderful. My problem is with the replacement blades. Every package I purchase, at $9.00 plus tax, has only one good blade. The others are not good and really do no good on you feet. This is becoming really expensive. Please try to remedy this problem as I am a senior person and need a product like yours, to allow me to walk without limping.

Thank you - please reply

dollhouse88 says: (8 years ago)
I used the Ped Egg about 2 weeks ago. What a mess! The 'powder' went all over my carpet. However, my feet felt smooth and looked much better. About 3 or 4 days later, my left foot started to get sore. This was the first foot I did and I do remember pressing a bit hard as I could not feel/see any results at the time. Now, 2 weeks later, my feet - esp. the left - are so sore I can barely walk on them. Does anyone know how long this lasts? It's interfering with my driving, sleeping, etc. I feel like a fool!

dawnymo says: (9 years ago)
My feet were never really bad. I just wanted something to make them softer. The first day was fine. Then I got tingling sensations all the time in my feet and after a few days they look crusty and scraped up. And now my heals are downright HARD. Awful...

Lex574 says: (9 years ago)
I LOVE this product! My heels can get a little dry, due to my job requiring that I stand a lot. I use the ped egg about once a week, after a shower when my skin is softer. It is fantastic! I bought one for my mom as well. Her feet are much drier than mine, and she uses hers after a shower too, about twice a week. Keep in mind that this is a product that should not be used in excess, and that results take time. So for those who hate it, it is probably because you were expecting too much from it too fast. Doing something to your body in excess will result in the problems. Furthermore, if you already have nice feet, and/or a well established routine that works great for you, why would you screw that up just to save a few minutes?

kimber says: (10 years ago)
that was the most damaging product i have ever used in my life!!!!! Im glad i only did one foot at a time or i would be a fucken cripple!!!!

mibrunettemoment says: (10 years ago)
wehn I first saw the ad it was amazing I had to have one to shorten my pedicure I was amazed the first time I used it but now ??? it has ruined my feet they were NOT bad before now heels and blaas under big toe are hard and cracked that is disgusting. My feet werefine before and many members of my family are goign thru the same thing I wold get this thign off the market if I were you

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